the leaning tower of abu dhabi

The buildings coming up in the recent times all have some unique feature in them that makes them all wonders. one such building with innovation and splender is the Capital Gate of Abu Dhabi. also called the "leaning tower of Abu Dhabi", it has got a place for itself as "the World’s Furthest Leaning Manmade Tower’Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) Wanted a spectacular structure in Abu Dhabi.

The concept called symmetry is totally overruled and here there is no two floors with same plan or no two rooms with same dimensions. even the glass fascade which is made of daimonds( each containing 18 glass panes ) has no same dimensions. Right from the planning stage, the project managers and engineers had displayed passion and together put up this marvel.  

the inspiration for this structure is the waves and the dunes surrounding this desert. 


1. 160 metres above ground
2. westward incline of 18 degrees. 
3. ‘World’s Furthest Leaning Manmade Tower’.
4. 7,000 m3 of concrete used in the foundation, which contains 490 piles drilled up to 30m deep.
5. 8,500 structural steel diagrids/ beams/ columns/ embedment .
6. 12,500 different glass panes form more than 720 distinct diamond-shapes on the tower’s external fa├žade.
7. outdoor swimming pool, restaurant  on the 19th floor with a  panoramic view overlooking the Sheikh Zayed mosque

the picture below would show the section of the building and explain all the parts of the building.

this picture will show the construction of the column, the floors and glazing(glass fascade) all being done at the same time.

One major problem they faced during the construction was the central column. normally skyscrapers are built as a single huge column with the floors surrounding it. here the problem was as they kept building, the felt that the column would also bend westward due to the load of building acting on one side alone. so the solution they came up with was to build the column with a slight bend eastward and the column would come back to a straight position due to the load on the other side.

after a sequence of problems and awesome engineering the building progressed wonderfully. the final obstacle they had to overcome was the construction of a helipad on the terrace. which they did by testing a model to all the wind loads it would need to carry.

... And thus this wonder was born!!!

that's all folks :)

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ha!!! one really long post of mine ;)

venkata lakshmi said...

hey vry nice :) ..... post abt all the buildings in our poster :)


yeah soon the posts about all the construction of the other marvelous constructions will be put up here. ;)

Raj - Only name sake !! said...

Woha!! excellent biography :)

It looks simple once it is done but the pain and passion cannot be seen unless someone explicitly explains!

Superb post.


thanks a lot ES :)
i was a bit apprehensive if all would appreciate these kinda posts :)

raji said...

@ civil princess ..i never knew such a building existed!thanks for introducing me.


thanks raji :)
will try to do the same with other wonderful constructions too :)

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Steven Stewart said...

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