Fountain of Wealth

 “Water is the symbol of life and wealth, and the inward motion of the 
water symbolizes the retention of wealth”

this is the concept behind one of the most beautiful fountains ever built. the structure that i'm talking about is the "fountain of wealth" situated in the suntec city of Singapore in the middle of a lot of shopping malls. It recorded in the 1998 edition of the  Guinness Book of Records as the world's largest fountain made of bronze. 

when we have a look at the fountain we see that the water is flowing downwards and inwards. according to Chinese feng shui this symbolises water as a symbol of wealth and also the water falling inwards symbolizes retention of wealth. visitors from all over the world visit this fountain for good luck.


during the day there will be no water flowing in the fountain and people can walk to the centre point which is a good  feng shui point and wish for good luck. in the nights there will be laser shows and nusic shows in there. 

as already mentioned the fountain is made of brass. the circular ring is of circumference 66m. the base of fountain is at the basement level and the circular ring is situated at the ground level and the fountain has a height of 13.8m. this ring is supported by four slanting columns also made of brass.

this fountain was built with an aim of providing sufficient visual impact which the buildings surrounding it would not be able to do alone.

the other interesting aspect of this structure is it has five buildings surrounding it. these buildings represent the  thumb and other four fingers of the left hand. so this fountain forms the palm of the hand. this fountain plaza now focal point of the suntec city and heart of marina centre area. 

Below ground, at the Fountain Terrace, all the buildings are interconnected by shops and restaurants. The complex is also connected to its neighbours by both underground and street-level pedestrian linkways.

that's all that made this out of the box thinking a wonder! :D

this fountain festured in the asia amasing race 1 & 3. It was featured in the Indian hit movie, Krrish, when Krrish played by Hrithik Roshan used it as an observation point to locate the position of his Nemesis's helicopter that he is chasing. ;)

i've just stumbled across the website ( that provides 360 degree panoramic view of many places. this view should allow you to understand what i said even better. :D

Fountain of Wealth in Singapore


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