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Here I go again : “Chennai Rocks!!!” :) I just can’t say it the other way despite the fact that the temperatures here are killing me and the traffic is driving me crazy!!! But at the end of the day, it my very own Chennai! And we Chennai vaasis love it… :)
You want one good reason? Like how Ash says it in the L’Oreal ad, “I’ll give you five!” :p In fact its just the top five, believe me we are crazy about this superfast city for a million reasons :) But it is not humanly possible for me list them all.
So let’s get started:
The Fifth place is taken up by Mahaballipuram (or shortly called as “Mahabs” :P ). A perfect choice for a day’s visit for a family or even better, a gang of friends. It is the usual hot spot for budding photographers. The beautiful place, statues and the temples are the best for one to kick start his encounter with photography. It’s not just about Mahabs that I am talking about… it’s also about the other Temples in the city. (There is dearth for them). A must visit when one wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of life for at least an hour of peace.
The fourth place is taken up by the collage of arts that the city represents. The cultural atmosphere in the city is an amalgam of different dance forms, singing and music. People from far and wide take the pains to travel to Chennai ( and mind you, just Chennai! :p ) so as to take up a crash course on the art they want to learn. I am a classical dancer and I’ve seen dozens of people approach my dance teacher during the summer hols to get hold of the dance forms. Chennai’s yearly calendar is just not complete with out the December festival where different people showcase their talents in different forms of art during the month long festival. (Do try and make it to Chennai at least once during December. You’ll know what I’m talking about :) )
The long list of festivals that are celebrated round the year are a trade mark of Chennai. And its specialities are the nonbus or fasts and the sentiments that come attached with it. It starts with the new  Year celebrations and Pongal in January and ends with Christmas and new year eve celebration ;) All kinds of festivals are celebrated with equal enthusiasm and of course Diwali tops them all. The really long list of festivals does give the kids a reason to celebrate, of course it the holidays that accompanies them :) For that reson they are given the Third spot :p
The second spot goes to the Shopping and hang out points in the city. The city offers you so much variety in anything you would like to purchase. You want a saree? Feel free to chose from the wide varieties from a cotton saree though designer sarees to pattu sarees. Just hit the shopping hotspot of Chennai ( T.Nagar / Panagal Park) you can never say you never got what you wanted. They have almost everything. And hi-fi malls are mushrooming across the city at a crazy rate. So in short you can not get bored in Chennai. If you still fell so, you are at the wrong corner of the city.
And the coveted first spot goes to FOOD!!! The variety at Chennai from Dosas, Idlis, Pongal to Upma are the standard breakfast items. One can just not stay away from them as long as they are in Chennai. In fact a guy won a Cookery contest in U.S.A I guess (not sure though) by cooking the humble Upma! See how they rock!!! :) Even in a single dosa you can choose between various versions of it.

the above collage shows (in order) the Mahabalipuram, Sky lighting up with crackers,  Mylapore temple, Napiers bridge, rail lines, Express avenue (mall), Lamps lit to celebrate diwali, Margazhi season concert, Bharathanatyam dancers.

Image courtesy: Balaji maheshwar, B.Kannan, RajaN, Abhinaya, Kals Pics

See… So in short, “I’m from Chennai and that automatically makes me 10 times cooler than you!” (Just kidding :) ) 

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