Dear Niru!

The third guest post is from my friend Anuraadha! She is an enthusiastic civil engineer who aspires to do her masters in architecture and become a professional architect! She blogs at She loves to sing and listen to songs! :) 

Presenting to you my friend! 


This is for one of my close buddy who is celebrating here blogoversary on 19th of September.
She is a crazy civil engineer who is aspiring to do MBA in IIM-A. The viewers of her blog might know her as Civil Princess, but to me she is Niru( that’s how I call her).
She is  pursuing her final year in Civil. I have been knowing her past 4 years and she remains the same. That makes you special, young lady! J She is an intelligent,shrewd,friendly and sweet person. She has all qualities to get into IIM-A. The one thing which makes her special is she spreads positivity throughout. She tries to correct her mistake when told. We have shared all kinds of emotions!! She is one person who has heights of belongingness.
Her blog is mostly concentrated on trends in civil, and social issues. One of my favourite article of hers is the tensegrity structures which she posted for the VOICE in crazyengineers.
Capital gate- Abu Dhabi, Khansai Airport, Green terraces are worth mentioning .

Looking forward for more posts.
Happy blogoversary!!




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