Highway passing through a building !!!

the last thing i'd want in my building...

... a highway passing through it. ;)

Gate Tower Building is a 16-story office building in Fukushima-ku, Osaka , Japan . And what makes it notable is the highway that passes through the 5th-7th floors of this building. The highway is part of the Hanshin Expressway, a network (239.3 km) of expressways surrounding Osaka , Kobe and Kyoto , Japan . The Gate Tower Building is Japan 's first building to have a highway pass through it. The highway passes through the building as a bridge, held up by supports next to the building making no contact with the building itself. 

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raji said...

@ civil princess when i first saw the picture i exclaimed "where on earth was this" then i slowly read ur post and found out.great japaneese engineering!


yeah. it's awesome. because a highway means there is always varying load. so this building is just wonderfully designed :)

JS said...

amazing that something like this exists :)

Unknown!!! said...

haha..highway passing through building

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