My first Blog post in CE VoiCE!

I have been regularly reading the articles published in the CE-VoiCE which is the official Blog of the Crazyengineers website. I had wanted to write blog posts on the civil engineering topics at the VoiCE and so submitted my first blog post.

Here it is : The Pearl Bridge

Guys do read it :) that's construction project is engineering at it's peak!

The thing i liked the most about it is they employed their own country men for all jobs right from the foremen to the project head. Even the softwares and technology they used were what they invented themselves. They didn't depend on the best people from other nations and took the job in their own hands. That's what i admire about these Japanese. And they mad it a point to have precision to the millimeter scale in this project. :D ISN'T THAT GREAT ENGINEERING?


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Enigma said...

Wow CP! That was a very wonderful article you wrote there. Yeah, the suspension cables were the hardest part of the whole process.

The Japanese are just too awesome. Isn't that the reason Japan is the only developed country in Asia?


yeah exactly! the suspension cables and the concrete were the two places where the made INNOVATION :D

yeah i totally agree that is the reason they are developed. you know even the softwares are in Japanese language only. totally dedicated engineers :)

Nrupen Masram said...

So it was you who wrote that article. I really loved reading it. After Digital Afterlife by Ankita it was best article published on CE blog. Keep it up i will be waiting for next.

sm said...

good article


@nrupen: thanks :) i enjoy writing such posts. will post more :D


@sm: thanks :)

Ankita said...

What a start CP!

Awaiting more posts. :)


@ankita: thanks :D

Sahithi Pallavi said...

Superb Post CP!
Good job! :)


@sahithi: thanks :D

pcqpig said...

Great Blog I love the lay out and the color scheme is it possible to get a copy of your theme?jade jewelry


@pcqpig: thanks. but it is just a blogger template. :)

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