the thursday challenge is "construction"!

This Thursday challenge is "Construction". And i was excited the moment i read the topic :D this was one topic sculpted for me! (don't start pelting stones at me ;)) :mj

we had done a model of a building showing the ways in which it could be made "green". our class as a whole accepted the work and we started of planning.:d once done with it we got all the plywood, paints, nails, saw, hammer, markers, etc. then started the best part putting the plan together.:rainbow :$ we had a group of girls marking the lines for doors, windows, ends of walls, etc. and the boys taking the saws in their hands. have a look at it... 8)

stage 1: discussing the plan and marking. 8|

stage 2: nailing the plywoods together and painting them (1st coat)

stage 3: after second coat of paint our "building" is transferred from the "manufacturing" site to the final site.

our final product! :h

back elevation.

dedicated to the whole class who enjoyed doing it :D III year civil students of MSEC... this is for you :b


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sm said...

good pics
green is best

Manish K Goyal said...

i would like to dedicate a old hindi song to this
'ek bungla baneh baneh pyara'

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Great creation. I remember we had made a bridge using match sticks!


@SM: thanks :)
yeah i agree green is always the best :)

@goyal: thanks :)

@mayur: thanks and we'll try our hand at doing it next semester;)

sarayu raghunandan said...

good work!

Leora said...

Not just a photo... a whole story! Neat.

Jidhu Jose said...

Wow super shots and interesting post

Raj - Only name sake !! said...

great work girl!!


Bikramjit said...

Very nice work HATS off to you guys Well DONE :)



@sara: its cheers to ourselves :D ;)

@leora: thanks :) i first thought i'd just put the photos. but i couldn't resist writing this ;)
and welcome to my blog :D

@jidhu jose: thanks a lot :) welcome to my blog :D

@raj: thanks :D

@ bikram: thanks :D

Madhav said...

Superb show !!

Nice work Niru.
Madhav's Magic Blog


@madhav: thanks madhav :D

Madhav said...

And Yes Nice Header Image.
Madhav's Magic Blog


@madhav: thanks! it is the best i could come up with :D

joshi daniel said...

nice and interesting!

LAKSHMI said...

gr8 niru...story behind our success :)


@joshi daniel: thanks :) welcome to my blog!

@lakshmi: yeah! a nice time we had doing it :D

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