Celebrating one year of writing!

It was in February 2010 that i created this blog just out of curiosity after seeing some blogs of my friends ( harshad italiya, sahithi pallavi, sandeep, raj verma, Big K, etc., etc.)! But I never tried posting anything in here till 19th, september, 2012. That was my first attempt to see if I could write anything sensible at all. ;) 

I received the first comment in half an hour from fellow CEan raj verma and the second was my friend sai! :) Then I started coming out with simple posts which were a lot general and slowly started writing posts which involved more of civil engineering. 

Writing these technical articles had given me some confidence to try writing the civil engineering related articles for the official technical blog of crazyengineers-VoiCE. I authored around 20 articles at It is not a major feat but one that i'm proud of. And for that opportunity I thank Big_K. :) 

Spending time with my blog made me appreciate structures and engineering further. I've learnt lots of things this one year... not just technical but also general stuff. I also made some new blogger friends and some of my friends had also started blogging by then and so I enjoyed the whole experience. :) 

With the passing time it was around May that I realised that I was confused with the purpose of the blog. So I created another blog The Civil Princess blogs here...  for all the casual postings and dedicated this blog completely for Civil Engineering. :) 

The last three months I had been away from blogging for various reasons and this blogoversary has given me an opportunity to get back to blogging and active this time.

This is the one year history of this blog and my experiences here! I thank all who have stopped by to read my blog and also encourage me. :)  

Here is a list of some of the posts that i'm proud of:

favourite blog post:

best hit: (even now it keeps getting a lot of traffic) 


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Nona said...



@nona: thanks :) :)

and welcome to my blog! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your blog :) congratulations



@bikram: thanks :)

and thanks for that guest post too! :) :)

AAD said...

Hey civil princess came upon your blog through blog junta...happy blogoversary..I was wondering about your handle 'civilprincess' and what it means, now I know...:D


@AAD: thanks and welcome to my blog! :D :D

Enigma said...

Hey CP, Happy Birthday(belated :( )to your blog.

I've been away from the internet world for some time now. Hope I get back soon. :) See ya!

Happy blogging! ;)


@enigma: good to see you :) (or rather read.. ;) )
thaanks :) :)

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