How fast do you think a building could be built?

With new technologies and innovations taking over in the various fields the world is moving at a very fast pace. In construction field, the prefabricated constructions is the new rule. 

These prefabricated parts like beam, column, floor slab, etc. are manufactured in the factories and transported to the construction sites. Then by simple assembling process, the building rises at a very fast speed that none could have foreseen. some buildings that proudly show this fact are the The New Ark Hotel in china, the rotating towers of dubai, london, paris, etc.  

the following video shows the construction progress in the changsa, china leaving the place with a 16 storey  building in less than 6 days. the frame of this 50m high building is capable of withstanding a magnitude nine earthquake. just see the clock ticking by in the left corner of the video. it is an amasing work!

The next is the rotating tower which is based on the dynamic architecture. dynamic in the sense each floor rotates at a constant speed individually. they have introduced a fourth dimension called time, which makes it unique. this skyscraper also uses only the prefabricated structures. 90% of the construction is completed in the factory and it is calculated to take only 22 hours to construct this sky scraper. 

The world record for building a house stands at 3hr 26min 34sec, set by a team in Alabama.

The prefabricated structures have changed the world and brought about buildings that don't require any concrete! I wonder what the next step in the construction industries would be!


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